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Long Term Illness (LTI) Scheme

If you have certain long-term illnesses, diseases or disabilities, you may be eligible to apply for the Long Term Illness (LTI) Scheme which will cover the cost of some drugs, medicines and approved appliances. There is no means test for this scheme and anybody who is ordinarily resident in the Republic of Ireland is eligible to apply. 'Ordinarily resident' means that you are living in the Republic of Ireland and intend to do so for at least one year. Students from outside the EU do not qualify for this scheme.


The LTI scheme only applies to the following diseases and disabilities:


Acute Leukaemia


Cerebral Palsy

Mental handicap

Conditions arising from the use of Thalidomide

Mental Illness (in a person under 16)

Cystic Fibrosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Diabetes Insipidus

Muscular Dystrophies

Diabetes Mellitus





Spina Bifida


What is covered?

The LTI covers any medications which are directly related to your illness. Any other medications are covered by the Medical Card or Drug Payments Scheme.

Click HERE to see what medications are automatically covered for each illness.


How do I apply?

You can apply online by clicking HERE to download a copy of the application form. Bring the form to your doctor and they will fill in any relevant details. Your local McCartan’s Pharmacist can help you fill out the form if you require assistance . Completed forms should be sent to: 


Long Term Illness Scheme

Client Registration Unit

PO Box 12962,

Dublin 11,

D11 XKF3


You can check the status of your application by using the reference number sent to your mobile phone if you submit one with your application form or, if no mobile phone number was given, your reference number will be sent by post.


Successful applicants will be sent a Long-Term Illness Scheme card rather than the green book that used to be sent. You will need to show your Pharmacy team the LTI number on your card when you receive it so they can enter it onto your computer records enabling you to receive medication/appliances covered on the scheme for free.