Covid-19 3rd Booster Dose

We are offering appointments for the 3rd Booster Vaccine to those aged 65 and over.

Covid-1​9 2nd Booster dose

We are offering appointments for the 2nd Booster Vaccines to those aged 50 or over, women who are at least 16 weeks pregnant, or those aged 12 and older and have been identified as immunocompromised. Patients must wait a minimum 4 months after your 1st Booster vaccination or at least 4 months from your first positive PCR or Antigen test or your date of diagnosis. We are also now offering 2nd Boosters for those aged 18-49 as long as it's been a minimum of 6 months since your 1st covid booster or since positive PCR or Antigen test.

Covid-19 1st Booster dose

We are offering Booster vaccines to those aged 12 & over. You should have received your second dose at least 3 months ago for those aged 16 & over, or at least 6 months ago for those aged 12-15.

We will post regular updates to our social media pages when new groups are eligible to receive a booster vaccine in our pharmacies. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

First and Second Doses

If you need either a first or second Covid-19 Vaccine as part of your primary vaccine course, this will have to be done in one of the vaccination centres. We cannot vaccinate primary dose 1 or 2 in the pharmacies.